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The dark hour before the dawn.

The dark hour before the dawn.

Greetings Blessed people of this fruitfully, fertile land,
I do hope you are all fine and well.
Tis a simple journey, life.
Yet, it comes with many, many intricacies.
The destinations may be clear, yet the directions on how to get there...
a little less clear.
Sometimes the route is clear, yet there are unplanned obstacles or detours which may force one to try alternative, unknown routes.
How does one 'keep the faith' whilst in the midst of unknown territory?
Similar to a child in the back seat of a car on a long-haul journey, we can sometimes adopt the "Are we there yet" syndrome in our lives journey.
"Patience is a virtue" you've heard it said before, but are we patient enough?
What if we got points for our composure during these unchosen and trying times? Points for manners, appreciation, understanding, patience, dedication, calmness and grace. 
Would you pass the test? 
Do we possess enough diligence in those in-between stages, or do we whine and whimper about the distance? The length of time the journey is taking.The things which are required of us. Whether it's the scenic route or not.
We sometimes do one, all or a combo of these things and more,
none of which help...
and sometimes out of lack of patience - we just jump ship!
The Darkest hour always comes before the dawn...It must, this is law.
Just because you may not be able to see the horizon, doesn't mean it isn't on the way.
If we only know sometimes just how close we are to our blessings,
what marvels lay awaiting over that last hill...
I know.
Your tired...
Of climbing hills...
Jumping hurdles...
Facing all odds...
And  plain ole Trudging on, But...
If you don't,
would not your whole journey thus far of been a waste?
All seeds planted left to wilt, wither and die.
Your destination, the plans you had for it - your vision, dashed and damned to nothingness.
Ifyour vision is important enough to you, don't you owe it to yourself?
Why start if only to complain about it?
Why come this far if only to turn back?
There were times past when you were unsure if you would make it, and yet here you are, still steadily moving on, and you'll keep moving on.
How quickly, precisely and correctly is purely down to you and what you choose to focus your energy on.
The darkest hour comes before the dawn - This is law.
Don't be afraid of the dark... Use it wisely.
The Kayz