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So much trouble in the world

So much trouble in the world

Greetings Brethren and Sistrins,
I hope all is stable, sturdy and steadfast with you all.
In the present climate of revolt all over the globe, today I will speak on "So much trouble in the world"
Murder... Legal and Illegal. Genocide. Human rights diminishing. 
Yet another 'dictator' being taken down without any trial and jury. Riots ranging from the young to the old, north to south, east to west and all amidst the background of constant war.
Whats one to do in all this?
Hold your head, When all else around you is loosing theirs, hold yours steady.
We are heavily influenced by the forces of energy around us, whether we realise it or not. If we do not filter what our ears hear, what or eyes see and what our mind takes in we could end up filled with rubbish.
It is imperative for us to remain linked to the All, to nature, to our creator.
Of course one must be aware of what is going on in the world around you, but let it not sway, deter nor discourage you, for there is much work to be done for the good of mankind. If we allow ourselves and actions to be fuelled by the media, the status quo, society or the angry mob we are left out of control of where we end up.
Be in control.
Step ever diligently toward the mark.
Go ever deeper into the realms of yourself and discover.
There is "So much trouble in the world",
But what you gonna do about it?
Sit and complain? Sit and cry? Keep trudging on day after day in a life that you hate and watch daily as your earthly brothers are gunned down 'legally' in a life that somebody else created for you?
'Its a free world' so they say, THE CHOICE IS YOURS.
Or we can rise, every morning and create our own paradises, planting seeds in our homes, our neighbourhoods, our communities.
I know your only one person, but one is a marvelous number.
Your seeds will grow!... If you water them, if you tend to them, show them love and over standing, ask the all to protect, nourish and keep them.
If each of us took care of our little pockets of the globe...
Took responsibility for our parts of the globe...
Defended these places, 
Fought battles for
and stood tall in these places,
I think - there would be so much more
love, honour and respect in the world.
Let's put it to the test.
Blessings all day, everyday,
The Kayz