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Journey back to the Shires.
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Hows Life?

New Year

Are you being true to your New Years resolution?

I personally have already given up on it!
I know, thats not very encouraging is it? But I'm honest.
It became apparent to me January 1st that new years may not be the best time for everyone to try and fly straight... especially if ones and ones are indulging in seasonal tipple. 
If you couldn't make it to the gym, quit smoking or start that diet when you were in your regular sober routine, how the heck are you going to do it after 6 days of xmas left overs, however many alchoholic beverages you necked and in a seemingly timeless time of the year?
Hence... We should remember that everyday is a fresh new day.
Every moment is a fresh new moment, never before seen and never to be seen again, so I say to you...
 At any moment in our lives we have the option to start a clean be reborn if you like, the only essential for this to happen is a fresh, willing and determined mind.
The Kayz