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Like Glue

Like Glue

Greetings to you all 
on this cool and fresh morning, children of the Most High.
Todays topic 'Like glue' is about our different roles in the tapestry of our lifetimes, and how they can pull things together.
"No man is an island", you may of heard this saying before meaning that although we are extremely capable beings, we all need help, advice, love and support from others at times, and that we should not be afraid, ashamed or too proud to accept these things when the Creator sends them our way.
We may sometimes think that the things we do or do not do only effect us, but this could not be further from the truth.
As we are all here existing and experiencing this world at the same time our lives are intrinsically interwoven, whether we notice it or not.
For example, I am who I am partially due to the nurturing, love and influences of those who partook in my rearing.
The view points, actions and personal stories of my carers, peers, teachers also my environment have all had input into the moulding of who I have come to be today.
Think of your favourite teacher, (no matter how long ago) the one who took a little extra care to make sure that no student was left behind. That teacher who taught you more than the topic they were paid to, but also imparted wisdom and life skills that were not on the curriculum.
Think of the most influential person in your life, be it your Father, Mother, or any another role model that has helped you to decide who you are today...
What knowledge, wisdom, skills did you learn from them?
What qualities did you see in them, admire and then instill into your own life?
How have these things effected your life, the lives of your children, and your family?
Now, Imagine.
Imagine that person never existed, or they were the opposite of what you remember them to be.
The wealth of knowledge never passed on,
love never received,
life skills never learned.
The links never made.
How could it of influenced you differently?
We are all linked!
If I am not where I am meant to be, I can not help.
I can not introduce you to things, thoughts, or people if I am not
'in place'.
Take for instance the mother Bear raising her cub in the wilderness. Because she learned what she did from her mother, she is able to teach her new cub the essential skills needed for him to survive.
How to find and catch food, which foods are good for him, which may be poisonous, the best places to find shelter from the elements,
to keep away from hunters.
All pretty important if the new cub is to survive.
But what if for some reason, she had not learned from her mother.
What if she never paid attention to the fishing skills, finding shelter lessons, hibernation laws?
Well firstly she'd be in a terrible state! Malnourished, battered and bruised by the seasons and totally out of sync with her natural self, nature and environment.
In this state what can she possibly teach a cub about survival?
How loving will she be to this new dependent life?
As a result... What is to become of the cub?
In life we must realise that who we are and who we are not, has much influence on those around us, those we see watching and those we don't.
Much influence in the standards they will set for themselves,
in the way they will interact with others,
what they will dare to do in their own walks of life.
The effects their actions will have on the world... Good or Bad.
We must be bothered to be our best.
We must never tire of striving for better.
It is what we teach through actions as well as words that will be learned and determine the future.
If we are not where we are meant to be mentally, spiritually and physically... What can we possibly teach that will be of any good to our 'cubs' and our brothers and sisters around us.
Don't be complacent in life, it is not just about you.
Do not think that all your learning has ended, it never does. To close one's mind in thoughts that "I know it all now, It's my way or nothing at all" is to stump dangerously one's growth... and as we are all linked... this thinking stops the progressive growth of children, families, communities... Mankind.
                         True Knowledge of Self.        
Love, Actions of Honour, Bravery, Self Determination, Fairness, Kindness
              Gentleness, Attentiveness and Real Honesty. 
Be 'in place' mentally, spiritually, and physically... lets go deeper. 
Be the glue, because without it, things fall apart.
Walk Good with Blessings,
The Kayz.