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Hows Life?

How quickly we forget

How quickly we forget.

Greetings and salutations to you all,

I trust this is a great new year for you as the Spring springs upon us.

Do you have a good memory?
What things do you remember, everything, or a selective few things?

It's quite easy to remember rough times, hurtful things, down right shocks and horrors, they stick out. They mark deep grooves into our minds, and if we re-live them by talking over and over about them,   they stick with us even longer.

Some of us without thinking hold on to these horrible memories, in the recesses of our minds, and allow them to effect the way we live, think and interact on a day to day basis... in fear.

Do we remember the good things?
Do we take time out to share the 'gossip' of a good thing just as much as a bad thing? With the same enthusiasm?

If we were to remember all the good things we've experienced... Wow!
Just take a moment each day and remember some good times,
look around at your surroundings and find things to be grateful for, because "No matter what you've got, you've got a lot!"

The people that live with you or around you, remember some nice things that they have done, it'll make you appreciate them more. Bring it up in conversation the same way you would not so great things.

The Creator has bought us through many, many trying situations that we may not of seen a way out of.
We've accomplished many things in our lives thus far.
Faced things some would cringe at.

Why then, do we forget these all these feats, all those victories?
How quickly we forget, allowing challenging times or other  people to 'rock our boats'.

You are fabulous!

You are not just today's situation...
you are a culmination of many years of experience, accomplishments, character building scenarios, battles fought and won, which is why you are still standing today.

Remember all things,
you may find your actually in love with life.

The Kayz.