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Bring your problems to Gramdma.

Can you help me?

Dear Gran'ma Moses,

Sometimes I feel like i'm locked up inside.
I know that sounds weird, but what I mean is that I feel like I cant say what I want to say, or do what I think I should be doing. 
I have spoken to some of my friends and family about this, some of them say that I  should free up myself, say whats on my mind, and do whatever it is I feel I should be doing (providing it is good for me),
but when i've started exercising this, they are some of the first to complain about me speaking my mind.
It seems I should speak my mind...but not to them personally.
I tried to help someone on the streets once (standing up for what is right, human rights) and I ended up arrested!
This has made me feel like I don't really want to 'not be liked' because of speaking my mind, especially by my family and friends.
And I don't want to do certain things if I'm going to end up with a criminal record. (which I didnt get, as the po-po dropped the so-called case)
Even tho I have gone back to my old ways of 'keeping quiet', and my peeps are happy with the old me, and theres been no arrests since that time, but now...
I feel rubbish. Not rubbish, but not real, not really me. Or who im supposed to grow into.

Can you tell me how I can be true to myself, my real feelings and convictions while still keeping my family and friends o.k with me.
And also without getting arrested.

Bless up,

Anon. Hackney

P.S I hope you dont mind the 'Moses' thing, I just like what you put up here, you remind me of Grandma Moses. Not saying your old and ting. sorry, Respect.